Destroy all enemies and be careful as your space commanders are exposed to enemy attacks, 

Controls (recommended configuration)

- A to move to the left
- W to move to top
-  S to move to the bottom
- D to move to the right

- Right click to grab and place
- Left click to shoot


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This is a cool game.

I wish it got more difficult over time because I was able to keep the aliens at bay by just spamming attack. When I did lose my controls, I usually lost moments later. It almost feels too easy when your in control but too hard when you lose it.

My game is coincidentally very similar to yours (keys can be dropped into slots to control the character) I didn't like the possibility of being totally immobile, so I compromised by giving the player a set of controls (using the mouse) that were reliable but were less powerful than using the keys.

Hi! thanks for your feedback, you are right! the game became imposible once you lost the ability to drag commands, I haven't tested enough to figure it out.


Neat little game


Clever mechanic